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Posts published in “Real Life”

It’s what happens when we’re not working or playing or thinking or doing. That thing we do that doesn’t fit into all the other categories.

Sometimes we call it living.

[seventy-five] minus eighty-two: i don’t believe in gravity

centaur 0

To the tune of 'Magic' by Olivia Netwon-John:

I don't believe in gravity
Nothing can stop me today
No matter how high I have to climb
Nothing can get in my way!

-the backyard snek

Seriously, this snake is a badass.

-the Centaur

Pictured: a snake that lives in our backyard, displaying a healthy contempt for gravity.

[seventy-three] minus seventy-four: sunset and margaritas

taidoka 0

Have been prioritizing the Social Navigation Principles & Guidelines paper (and helping my wife get ready for her business trip) so no detailed posts for you. Enjoy a sunset and a margarita.

-the Centaur

[seventy] minus fifty-nine: what a beautiful evening

centaur 0

After truly terrific hailstorms, we were treated to a truly awesome sunset.

And, got some work done on editing SPECTRAL IRON: Dakota Frost #4. FINALLY, getting the rewrite of the slow section rolling with some good Dakota Frost action segueing right into an ambulance ride.

That's more like it.

-the Centaur

[sixty-eight] minus sixty: enjoy a nice park

centaur 0

Pushing the Social Navigation paper forward. Made progress. Very tired. Lots to do tomorrow. Crashing out. Please enjoy this lovely park.

-the Centaur

P.S. Yes, it really is true that if you "work a little bit harder" you can get way more done than you thought you could ... I was just about ready to give up, pushed a bit harder, and nailed the whole todo list. Now zzzz.

[sixty-five] minus fifty-three: prioritize me!

centaur 0

SO! I was super behind on Camp Nanowrimo, so I dropped almost everything and prioritized it, and now I'm not. So I can do other things, like write this blog post.

But, it is 4:12am, so: I'm going to bed.

-the Centaur

Pictured: Me, Loki, some vegan dinner, and some delicious word count.

[sixty-four] minus forty-two: yeah, we’re that house

centaur 0

Yeah, *that* house. The one that doesn't take down its "Christmas" lights. Ever.

Really, they're lights for the paths around our house, lights which would be WAY more expensive if we put them in as permanent fixtures. After all the (unexpected) expenses it took to renovate the place and all the manual work left to do, I think we're going to just have to wait a while before we get around to that bit.

And, unfortunately, the lights we had up got discontinued, so when we had to replace some strings after wear and damage (and re-replace them after we had to take out a tree on the neighbor's property line and a branch cut the strand) we're currently mis-matched. :-(

But it sure does make the front paths and porch nice and cozy at night.

-the Centaur

Pictured: Our old house in California, which we're still slowly fixing up after the move East. It turns out we're not the only one in the neighborhood who's done this, but their setup looks way more organized than ours:

We'll get there. One day.

[sixty-three] minus thirty-eight: put me down in the left column

centaur 0
[tardis vs delorean]

Yeah, you're gonna just have to put me down in the left column there. No offense to Doc Brown's DeLorean, but The Doctor's TARDIS could BE a DeLorean, if it wanted to. If there was a write-in, of course, I'd pick the Clockwork Time Machine, but the Machine is basically a TARDIS with the serial numbers filed off anyway.

Very tired, working on the social navigation benchmarks paper, no more post for you.

-the Centaur

Pictured: Poll seen at a Starbucks while I was waiting on my car to be serviced.