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[twenty twenty-four day one five one]: traveling to con carolinas

centaur 0

Long day packing, driving, arriving, and taking care of stuff, so, no real post for you, will post my schedule tomorrow.

Also, uploading images are still borken, so please enjoy the following blast from the past (my steampunk bookshelf from my old library) while I work on replacing my hosting provider (since there seems no way to increase storage as a stopgap).

Blogging every day.

-the Centaur

P.S. Posting “drawing every day” is on hiatus until I fix the images, but by my count I’m up to day one five two (one day ahead of today). I’ll keep noting that as a postscript on the blogging every day posts.

P.P.S. Apparently I was real clever and posted my blogging for Wednesday late, late Tuesday night (in the Wednesday AM) so technically this is the Thursday post, but, whatevz.

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