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Things I draw for a living

Day 072

taidoka 0
xiao at golden gate It's late and I'm tired and want to get to bed early, so here's a suuuper quick sketch of Xiao from f@nu fiku hanging out at a bridge of some kind. (She's up in the cables, goofing around over a vast drop, because she is insanely acrobatic and unafraid of heights, living as she does on a lighthouse cantilevered out over a sheer cliff face). Drawing (well, sketching) every day. -the Centaur

Day 050

centaur 1
Xiao from Fanu Fiku As it says on the tin: a quick sketch of Xiao from f@nu fiku, my quasi-defunct webcomic. I forgot how complicated her character design is, and I left out a lot of it. I mean, I had forgotten that she carries a damn water bottle with her. Knowing the comic, that was probably meant to be plot significant: xiao from f@nu fiku I didn't make her easy to draw, and her outfits only get more complex as the series progresses. Ah well. Here's hoping those sketches and thumbnails once again turn to webcomic pages. Drawing every day. -the Centaur