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[drawing every day 2024 post one two five]: f@nu fiku will return

centaur 0

Yes it will. Though it may be a while, the entire point of Drawing Every Day is to restore my confidence in my drawing so I can resume my webcomics.

Drawing every day.

-the Centaur

Pictured: Part of Xiao's work outfit from her summer job, resting atop Xiao's supercomputer.

[drawing every day 2024 post one two four]: draw me bro

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When I sat down to draw today, I realized I'd never filled in the frontispiece and first page of my sketchbook because I was intimidated. SO! I set out to overcome that today. What you see above is as good as I can reproduce this without actually running it through a scanner - I am currently capturing these drawings by photographing them with my phone and then Photoshopping them into shape, not because I'm opposed to scanners, but because I'm trying to eliminate sources of friction that might prevent me from drawing and blogging the drawings every single day. Below is a closer picture of what the original looked like:

The red of the notebook front makes it hard to scan, but I think you get the gist. I used to do this with all my notebooks, but when I broke my arm (almost two decades ago now!) it broke my confidence, and eventually I stopped doing it. But the solution is to keep doing it - and to carve out enough time to draw so you have the time to do it, and not to feel bad about the time you have to take to do it.

Drawing every day, and getting confident enough at it to personalize my notebooks.

-the Centaur

Xiao, the protagonist of my stalled webcomic f@nu fiku, out for a jog.

Day 072

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xiao at golden gate It's late and I'm tired and want to get to bed early, so here's a suuuper quick sketch of Xiao from f@nu fiku hanging out at a bridge of some kind. (She's up in the cables, goofing around over a vast drop, because she is insanely acrobatic and unafraid of heights, living as she does on a lighthouse cantilevered out over a sheer cliff face). Drawing (well, sketching) every day. -the Centaur

Day 050

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Xiao from Fanu Fiku As it says on the tin: a quick sketch of Xiao from f@nu fiku, my quasi-defunct webcomic. I forgot how complicated her character design is, and I left out a lot of it. I mean, I had forgotten that she carries a damn water bottle with her. Knowing the comic, that was probably meant to be plot significant: xiao from f@nu fiku I didn't make her easy to draw, and her outfits only get more complex as the series progresses. Ah well. Here's hoping those sketches and thumbnails once again turn to webcomic pages. Drawing every day. -the Centaur