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[twenty twenty-four day one five five]: late post for you

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Snow in South Carolina

Last night was date night, but we also had to climb up into the attic to see what’s up with this “leaky” roof. But it’s bone dry up there, despite the recent rains, and even though it looks like there might be some damage, it doesn’t seem like it can be causing what we’re seeing with the drywall damage in the ceiling.

SO: The good news is, we likely don’t need to get the whole roof replaced.

BUT: The bad news is, we don’t know what’s going on, and now need to seek new causes.

It’s really easy to catastrophize: we were worried that we’d find a nest of mold up there and need to replace the whole roof. That isn’t the problem, so that bullet is dodged. But now we’ve got a deeper mystery: we have what looks like water damage in an area that is – apparently – dry, with no explanation. And that’s the thing about science: one thing can look like another, and causes can be hidden – so you need to take out the time to collect the observations and do the experiments and carefully check your work.

Especially if it can cost you a whole roof.

-the Centaur

Pictured: One from the archives – snow, likely from two years ago, as that frost killed most of that vine.

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