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[twenty twenty-four day one five six]: ugh and not so ugh

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So the broken door lock was indeed not a problem either power tool girl or I could have easily handled – it took the locksmith almost forty five minutes to lever, chisel and snip the latch assembly out of the door, using quite a bit of specialized equipment -air pumps and such – to try to create space before finally giving up and applying judicious elbow grease, a wrench and a hammer. When he finally got it out, pieces abruptly tumbled out in a tiny little rain of already-broken parts from deep within the latch assembly.

But the repair itself was cheap, and the same guy offered a great rate to re-key our other locks as well. So we now have easy access to my office again, and a plan for fixing some of the dead old locks around this rambling home. One ugh problem may just have made another ugh problem go away – which suggests that when you’re facing a lot of problems, you should just dig in and try to fix them, one by one, until hopefully all those problems go away, leaving you with new problems for a new day.

-the Centaur

Pictured: Downtown Greenville’s Falls Park, which is a beautiful place for a walk. Since, in the intervening hour since my last post, I haven’t fixed the backend of the blog. Another ugh …

Blogging every day: Today’s exercise was thirty push ups, and probably a walk later, maybe or maybe not at Falls Park. Yesterday’s exercise, which I didn’t blog, was sixty pushups and an excursion in the attic. Yesterday’s read was Neal Asher’s PRADOR MOON, which I quite liked; today will be packing for the Nebulas. Yesterday’s editing was Dakota Frost #4, SPECTRAL IRON; probably also that today. Drawing is up to one five five, so I need to work in a drawing today, ideally two so I don’t have to worry about it while traveling.

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