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[twenty twenty-four day one four nine]: master of all he surveys, redux

centaur 1

Our big butch cat – Loki is 16+ pounds of fur and muscle, with relatively little flab – is actually a little scaredy guy. I mean, I might be a scaredy guy too if the situation was reversed: I’m approximately 6 times taller and 11 times heaver than Loki, and I’d be freaked to live in a world where 35-foot-tall, one-ton creatures felt like picking me up at random times for no discernible reason.

But he’s scared of other things too, like his shadow. And I think that happened because once, when he tried to go outside, a baby rat snake was coiling by the door. He ran to the nearby French doors to be let out, but the rat snake had also fled – to the same doors! And then, both of them again fled to the next door down. He was pretty freaked, and a little more cautious going over thresholds since then. Not this guy, though:

Regardless, Loki frequently gets animated, starts looking outside or in the yard to see what’s going on, and stares at it for a long time, before settling down and chilling out. Even when something is really there, though, it doesn’t mean that the cause is always actionable. Sometimes things are just passing through, and worrying about them or doing something about them can only lead to more disruption.

I’m not saying to ignore real problems, of course; seeing the fox requires different reactions than the deer.

But how often do we stress out about things which will ultimately pass us by?

-the Centaur

Pictured: Loki, the snek, and the deer. Fox was not available for comment.

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