The Stanford Department of Alchemy

Alright, enough blogging, time to get back to “real” work. Let me leave you with a teaser, the scene I’m working on right now – the Stanford Department of Alchemy, from LIQUID FIRE:

stanford department of alchemy

“Magicians have survived by being secretive,” Devenger said, folding his arms sternly. “You, I can find out anything I want on Wikipedia, including pictures of your tattoos good enough to reverse-engineer some of their logic—”

“Wait, back up. I have a Wikipedia page?” I said, laughing. “Bullshit.”

Devenger’s salt-and-pepper eyebrows lifted. “And I thought you were web savvy. Haven’t you ever Googled yourself?”

And with that he turned to the screen, tapped out my name, and ten seconds later had found a Wikipedia page on Dakota Caroline Frost, complete with that same old out-of-date picture everyone scarfed from the Rogue Unicorn web site.

“Damn,” I said, leaning over his shoulder. “That’s me all right—”

“Down to a list of your tattoos,” Devenger said, scrolling down through the page. “Even ones you no longer have, like your original Dragon tattoo—”

“Wait,” I said. “ Scroll back up. There, my daughter’s name. Why is that a link?”

“Maybe she has a Wikipedia page too,” he said.

Something cold ran up my spine. “Click on it,” I said quietly.

Why is Dakota so worried? Until 2011, when LIQUID FIRE comes out: wonder.

-the Centaur