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Backing off from Qumana

centaur 0

screen shot of qumana

Qumana is a good blog editor, but it’s got two unfortunate interrelated problems: it isn’t quite compatible with how I put images into posts, and you can’t publish posts as drafts. I just found that out – I think perhaps I confused Qumana’s interface with a blog posting app I have on my Nexus S – which is why some you may have seen a brief flash of a post in your RSS feeds that will instead show up later.

Saving posts as drafts on Qumana won’t cut it – I need to upload the draft to WordPress as a draft and make manual modifications before publications, which I can’t do in the current interface. So I’m going to back off from using Qumana a bit. It’s still good for composing drafts offline, but I either need to dig through their manual, update it to a latest version (if applicable) or find another editor that works better with my process.

-the Centaur