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Funky Fresh: the Street Mrkt Faire

centaur 0
sandi at street mrkt 2011 The Street Mrkt fair is an independent art festival held at First Fridays in downtown San Jose. There are dozens of small booths each with an indie artist's unique artworks, including my wife, Sandi Billingsley's work under the Studio Sandi banner. sandi's booth from the outside There's also an ArtCar festival in a nearby parking lot, a spoken word artist as MC, and a sequence of live bands. the live music rocks I really love the funky, eclectic flavor of the San Jose art community. It reminds me a lot of the Atlanta art scene, which was just exploding when I left. It's real, earnest, and odd, but not pretentious, and people have a lot of fun here creating and soaking up creation. the funky flavor of the friday festival The Street Mrkt fair is going on right now, August 5th, until 11pm. I've heard rumors it will also be at the next First Friday, September 2nd. Check it out! -the Centaur