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It’s good to be alive

centaur 0

Life has felt bleak since 9/11. Is there anything to be thankful for?

Let’s see…

Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings become movies. Lucy Lawless appears on the X-Files. And Star Trek returns to the air.

Dating. Improv. Visiting Mom. Karate. Debating with friends.

George Bush celebrated for saying things sensible. Naomi Wallace celebrated for saying things unfashionable. Jerry Falwell excoriated for saying things hateful. Jerry Falwell now saying nothing at all.


Discussing the religious implications of quantum physics with my oldest childhood friend until 3am.

Weblogs. Smalltalk. Programming Perl in UNIX for Windows.

Getting a t-shirt from my favorite restaurant because I am their favorite regular.

The best burrito chain in the city opens right up the street. Cold milk and Halloween candy. Warm sunshine in November.

All in all, sounds pretty good.

What should you be thankful for?

– The Centaur