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Not enough hours in the day…

centaur 1

…to do all the things that need to be done.

I’m not sure what that phrase means, “not enough hours in the day”. I say it from time to time, but what would we do with more hours in the day? If each day was thirty-six hours, wouldn’t we just work longer, play longer, expect to get twelve hours of work done instead of eight? It seems like what we really want is a secret stash of hours in the day, twelve free hours we could stick in anywhere we needed.

I’d use my stash just after midnight, in those hours leading up to two where I seem to get so much done, then get on a roll that lasts to the wee hours in the morning. If I yield to that impulse, I don’t go to bed until near dawn – wouldn’t it be nice to work hours and hours till you’re tired, and still go to bed at midnight?

Or maybe I’d just stick them in the morning, a couple extra hours in the lull of the snooze button between eight and eight-oh-seven in the morning. But some days I have to get up earlier or later, so maybe it would be better to slip the extra hours in right on cue when you hit snooze, so when you wake up seven minutes later, you’re refreshed and ready for the day.

Or perhaps in midafternoon, right when food coma hits, and you need to recharge. For me, if I push on through I get a second wind, which lasts till seven or eight o’clock at night; wouldn’t it be nice to get the second wind, put in all those extra hours, and still leave by five?

Time travel. Must start working on time travel.
-the Centaur