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Guest Posting for Blogathon at A Novel Friend

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My friend from the DragonWriters, Trisha Wooldridge, is participating in the Blogathon – sort of the 24 Hour Comic Day for bloggers – and I’m sponsoring one slot with a donation to Bay State Equine Rescue and a guest post on “Greed and Charity”. A teaser:

At the beginnings of their careers, a lot of authors and other creative types are obsessed with making money off what they produce and are deathly afraid of people stealing it. I’ve seen people charging their friends for copies of short stories printed in magazines, putting their artwork on the web behind passwords or with huge watermarks, or pricing their software out of reach of the people who want to buy it. But this doesn’t help them – in fact, it hurts. And I’m here to tell you to give stuff away for free.

If you want to read the whole post, please check it out at her blog, A Novel Friend – it should go up sometime this weekend.

-the Centaur