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Hester Furey’s Little Fish

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Finishing Line Press is about to publish a chapbook of my friend Hester Furey’s poems, titled Little Fish. Little Fish is available for pre-order at $12 with $3 shipping through September 1st. After October 29, it will be available on Amazon, but production is based on what people order now, so if you order now, it will help her and her publisher.

Hm. They don’t make it easy to include a link to buy the book, do they? You can find it if you scroll down the page, but in case you miss it … let’s see, Google Chrome has a nice element inspector … doop de doo … grabbing the HTML … OK. Let’s try this: you can preorder Little Fish here:

That should send you directly to the Finishing Line Press PayPal page where you can preorder Little Fish. Hopefully that will work! So please, check her work out, and support Finishing Line Press!

-the Centaur

P.S. You can also find some of Hester Furey’s earlier scholarly work via Project Muse and JSTOR.

P.P.S. Me saying something nice about Finishing Line Press does not mean I don’t also want you to go check out the many fine books available from Bell Bridge Books. Yes, yes, yes, I know they don’t even remotely compete, I’m trying to show support, work with me here.