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Caffe Romanza @ Books Inc.

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pound cake and mocha frappe at caffe romanza

One of my favorite bookstore / cafe combinations in the whole world is Books Inc. I used to come here back when I only visited the Bay Area; I’d drive down from wherever I was staying, hang out next door for an hour in the fantastic used bookstore Bookbuyers, then wander over to inspect the new offerings at Books Inc before finishing off in the cafe upstairs.

books inc

It didn’t just have good, sweet, frozen coffee-flavored beverages, it had a great upper seating area which was conducive to kicking back and working on a problem. I’ve written a lot of words and drawn a lot of drawings in this cafe.

coffeehousers at work

There’s also an art gallery lining these walls, which my wife has shown in a few times. It really makes this a fun, exciting place to hang out and eat, drink, read, and write.

the art gallery upstairs at books inc

But as always, the ultimate test of a coffeehouse is the ample selection of power strips in which you can plug your laptops … wait, what? Seriously, the ultimate test of a coffeehouse is the coffee … and I think Caffe Romanza passes with flying colors:

the mocha frappe from caffe romanza

Did I mention the Mocha Frappe? Get yourself here.

-the Centaur