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Back home again…

centaur 0

Blogging from the convention floor at Dragon*Con right now … 11:45pm, it’s hopping, and it hasn’t officially started yet!

No pictures right now because of equipment failures, but since I’ve arrived I’ve hit registration, had a great dinner at Sear, hit the guest con suite and picked the brain of a ninja, hit a drum circle and speculated on anorexia, wandered through a concert room between bands tearing down and setting up, helped a Minecraft cube through a pair of double doors and crossing the street, and seen Mister T twice.

I’ve seen about five TARDIS dresses, half a dozen half naked people, dozens of anime characters, an absolutely spectacular furry just walked by, seen several great Doctors including a superb 10th and a passable 8th, and run into several con friends.

I’ve taken pictures in places I take them every year and taken pictures of things I’ve never seen before. Every year is slightly different, slightly better, as the facilities of the hotels (now five!) get better, skybridges are added, and people routing policies are improved.

We’ll see how all that holds out when the zoo starts tomorrow. First panel on my list is 10am, so I’d better crash soon if I want breakfast. Or, hey, I could stay up all night writing. The night is young, and you’re always as young as you feel.

-the Centaur

UPDATE: You may not feel so young the night after you flew in on a redeye. 🙂