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24 Hour Comics Day, Redux

centaur 3

24HCD at Sunnyvale

No, I’m not doing 24 Hour Comics Day 2 weekends in a row … but my buddy Nathan Vargas is. He’s the other half of Blitz Comics and through an odd set of circumstances involving the Alternative Press Expo we ended up signing up for a 24 Hour Comics event at Mission Comics 1 week before today, the official 24 Hour Comic Day. (And I completed mine!)

my 24 hour comic ... in my lap

I owe too many people too many things (fixing my wife’s computer, finishing edits of “Steampunk Fairy Chick”, finishing a draft of STRANDED, doing an interview, scanning last week’s comic, etc) to do 24HCD again, but after tonight’s Doctor Who finale I did drop by around midnight tonight with donuts and good cheer.

Krispy Kreme (and Pizza)

We hung out, gave donuts to the security guards, and watched some Batman fan film. Then, while the toiling artists toiled, I spent some time cleaning up the images from last week’s 24 Hour Comic Day (which I had scanned while watching Doctor Who). I just finished, it’s only been two hours, but it already feels like another 24HCD!

However, I’m happy with the results, and will do 24HCD again next year. I particularly like the dual page spread from Stranded, but I’ll hold it back until I get the whole comic uploaded to and will instead tease you with the first page of the novella:

The first page of the adapted STRANDED novella.

Onward! Upward! Homeward, for me!

And best of luck to the toiling comickers here in Sunnyvale!
-the Centaur