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9027 Added Words

centaur 1

Still not making any progress on STRANDED, but HEX CODE is flying along – I’m getting about 3,000 words a day! The Writing Allies group tonight made many great suggestions and I’ve gotten whole scenes out of it, but the coffeehouse is about to close so time to be done for the day and go home and noogie a cat. Doing my best to keep it up … excelsior!

-the Centaur

UPDATE: Make that 10,004 added words. I’m writing at double the normal rate, in the hope I can finish early and have some time off at the end to work on STRANDED … or, heck, maybe even take some of the vacation days I set aside at the end of the month as VACATION! Whoda thunk it? Onward!

UPDATE UPDATE: Make that 10,350 added words. Had a brainflash while brushing my teeth. Now I really am going to bed – it’s 2:18 AM. Excelziiszoorzzzzzzz…