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Ahead of where I need to be, behind where I want to be

centaur 0

Well, I’m ahead of schedule for Nanowrimo … or am I? I’ve been determined and lucky enough to complete at least 1667 words every day, so I’m ahead of where I have to be. But I’m trying to be crazy this year. At first I thought I would do TWO books, but now I’m thinking I want to do ONE book at twice the rate.

Why do this to myself? Well, one reason would be to finish early. I could start a second book if I wanted to, or finish the first book, or, God forbid, actually use the week of vacation I’ve taken Thanksgiving week as a fricking vacation rather than a writing marathon.

Or maybe it’s because it takes Nanowrimo out of a safe place. Unlike 24 Hour Comics Day, I’ve succeeded every time I’d tried at Nanowrimo. Trying to write twice as fast takes me out of that comfort zone. If I fail, well, I’ll still almost certainly succeed at the Nano challenge. If I succeed, well … then maybe I can write 100,000 words in a month.

And the most important thing about writing is writing. The more you write, the better you get. (The second most important thing is getting prompt, high quality feedback; the third most important thing is taking the feedback seriously and acting on it. But I digress).

I’ve finished today’s quota of 1,667 words. But yesterday I slacked, also only writing about 1,667 words. To keep up the accelerated pace, I need to catch up, to write almost 3000 more words today. But it’s only 3:52 in the afternoon, and I have the whole day ahead of me.

So here’s seeing what I can do … and I don’t think I can lose, either way.

-teh Centaur