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Five Favorite Noises

centaur 0

My friend Keiko started a meme over at Write to The End: what are your five favorite noises? The rules:

Don’t take too long on it. I’d say post your list within 24 hours. And don’t worry about trying to get your absolute top 5 favorite sounds ever. When you’ve collected 5 sounds you love, just post the list. We know this is just for fun, and we won’t hold you to any of your stated favorites. (And if you think of 5 more, you can post those, too!)

My favorite noises are:


Gabby’s Purr


Dad’s Whistle


The Enterprise Going to Warp


The Sound of a Lightsaber


The Engines of the TARDIS

Runner up goes to the weird noise I can make in my throat.

-the Centaur