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Mission Success

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So Sandi’s art show was a great success! I didn’t take pictures once people really started showing up since I was talking to people nonstop until after 11pm, but we had a big crowd at Kaleid Gallery last night!


Many of Sandi’s pieces incorporated a spiral design which is a long-running theme in her art, but the real focus of the show was sustainability – all the pieces in the show were recycled, that is, made from materials rescued from the garbage.


Everything’s made from styrofoam, paper, and other rescued materials – even the large trompe l’oeil piece in the middle, which looks like a stone gateway looking out onto a pond, is actually made from lightweight paper.


Sandi also had five sculptures in the show (technically seven, but two of them were hangars for other art) including Petrified Coral 1 on the far right above, which was priced at $48,000 because it was owned by a private collector – me. I enjoyed the doubletakes made by people as they saw that price and then looked for that piece – but I was quite serious about the price.


Sandi needed the piece to fill out the show – its colorspace and spiral motif really brought things together, and it fit perfectly on the wall – but it was an anniversary gift to me, the painting was originally priced at $2400, I wouldn’t let it go for ten times that – and Kaleid Gallery would get half. So I don’t want to see it go – but if you want to cough up ~$50K for it, I’m happy to buy Kaleid Gallery some new lights and Sandi a new truck with the proceeds (after Uncle Sam takes his cut).


Many, many people came by, and we all stayed so late the gallery eventually had to kick us out (that’s a slight lie; the last four of us chatted with the docent for half an hour after he closed the outer door). I’d call that a big success.


She’ll be showing through the end of the month. Go check it out!

-the Centaur

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