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Day 029

centaur 0

A centaur in a spacesuit

As it says on the tin: I has the ZZZ’s, so you gets a real drawin’ tomorrow, as Cinnamon would say. The purpose of the exercise is to make sure I draw SOMETHING, every day, in whatever medium comes to hand. This centaur in a spacesuit (well, you can’t see the legs, but they’re there) was sketched on a Strathmore 9×12 sketchpad with a Winsor-Newton 2B pencil, then inked hot to broad outlines with a Faber-Castell “B” Pitt Artist Pen Brush, with details via Micron 03, 08, and 1 Pigma pens. Scanned on an Epson 7720, retouched in Photoshop to pull up the inks, and then separations, fills, filters and effects to create the starfield, kettledrum starship, Porsche’s uniform, transparent helmet section, main Porsche inks, and the glare off the reflection in the helmet. So while it’s a quick sketch, I exercised quite a few things trying to pull the whole composition together. Hopefully these exercises are helping.

Drawing every day.

-the Centaur

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