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Day 043

centaur 0

11th Doctor Sketch

11th Doctor sketch, done with much tighter pencils than normal. Forget the crosshatched shadingo on the coat – wasn’t trying to get that right, it was just a means to the end – but as for the face … Meh.

Much about this sketch is better than many of my previous ones, but there are still proportionality issues – the left side of his jaw is lopsided, the eyes are too big and too far apart, and the whole proportions make the head too big and too squat despite my attempts to get the rough proportions right before I started the detailed pencils. The real Matt Smith is … shall we say … more lantern-like:

11th Doctor Original

Not quite sure what I’m doing wrong there, but it’s something to pay attention to. While I could do some work on proportions and drawings with graph paper, or read more books on anatomy, I think the real solution is to draw a heck of a lot of faces and keep doing this analysis to them.

Which is why I am … drawing every day.

-the Centaur

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