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Day 195

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capaldi eyes sketch

“No, sir. All thirteen!” Sketch of the iconic shot of Peter Capaldi’s eyes from The Day of the Doctor, roughed with non-repro blue and sketched with Pigma Micron and Graphic pens. I’ve included the roughs below, color-enhanced, to show that process:

capaldi eyes roughs

This one isn’t a quick sketch, so, let’s see how I did:

capaldi eyes original

The eye shape is not terrible, though the one on the left of the drawing has a misshapen iris, and that weird tilt of the eyes with respect to the head is back, as you can see when the eyes and hair are lined up (below) – if those features line up, the cheeks are tilted, and v. v.:

capaldi eyes comparison

It’s instructive to compare this with the Sharpie sketch I did a while back:

capaldi eyebrows

Not bad, certainly bolder with the dark lines, but how does it compare? I worked from a brighter, if smaller picture last time, but did that help? I can already see the eyes are just the wrong darn shape:

lighter eyes

The eyebrows are insufficiently Capaldi in both of them, not as exaggerated as his real-life eyebrows, and the older sketch shares the property that you can line up the cheeks (black, below) or eyes (white, below), but not both at the same time:

quick capaldi comparison


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