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Days 196 to 199

centaur 0

janeway quick sketch

Day 196: Quick sharpie sketch of Janeway, from the below image.

janeway headshot

The comparison is not great – the face is way too long compared to the original:

sharpie comparison

Day 197, Sharpie over non-repro blue roughs, from the same image:

janeway better sketch

Slightly better comparison this time, though still not perfect:

with roughs comparison

Day 198 was Richard Branson … in spaaace:

branson in spaaace

That’s from this fisheye lens image … while it isn’t perfect, it captures a lot of energy. I particularly like the smile in the reflection (in both my drawing, and in Branson’s window – he’s having fun!). No comparison this time; this exercise was in capturing the feel more than the precise lineup.

branson in spaaace image

Day 199 was Martin Sheen from The West Wing:

sheen sketch

Not an entirely terrible likeness …

sheen headshot

… but my perennial problem of having a face out of proportion to the head continues.

sheen comparison

Look at that hair, man. You can make the eyes and mouth line up, but that hair, man.

Still, drawing every day.

-the Centaur



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