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Days 206-209

centaur 0

scotty sketch

Day 206, a sketch of Montgomery Scott from Star Trek:

scotty headshot

How ddid I do? Still can’t seem to draw a correctly tilted head, and face to hair proportions continue to be off:

scotty comparison

Day 207, Nyota Uhura:

uhura sketch

Umn, well, it is the same person, sort of, but she’s looking down, and the original, up:

uhura headshot

So, no real way to make these line up, but it isn’t totally terrible:

uhura comparison

Day 208, Hikaru Sulu:

sulu sketch

Again, more or less the same person, but I made him look down, and what happened to his chin?

sulu headshot

Overall comparison cannot be made to line up:

sulu comparison

Day 209, Pavel Chekhov. I don’t have the original reference on this computer, but I’m sure a comparison would be equally terrible to all the others, if not worsee.

chekhov headshot

Drawing every day, posting when i get to it.

-the Centaur


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