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New Year’s Aspirations

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Wow! 2023. What the hell? Seems like Blade Runner was just yesterday. But it was actually pre-pandemic! But in the real world, it’s a “new year”, as most Americans mark it, so it’s time for New Year’s Resolutions.

Or is it? As far as I recall, the science of New Year’s Resolutions – whether it works or not to set new goals at the start of the new year – is decidedly mixed, and a brief check seems to confirm that.

But New Year’s Aspirations, yes, I have those. For one, I’d like to start blogging every day. For another, it would be great to resume drawing every day. And Wednesday, my wife and I are going to buy bicycles.

For this year, though, I plan to edit my fourth Dakota Frost novel, SPECTRAL IRON, in the hope it breaks the logjam of the eight (8!) unedited novel drafts sitting on my hard drive, and to make progress on several other creative projects, at work and in life. To get started on that … I’m now going to get back to work.


-the Centaur

Pictured: an aspiration made real: the hand-me-down “comfy chair” from Francis Produce, which I have kept for 25+ years, now turned into a reading nook in my new library. That nook is filled with artwork and standees and books and novels and comic books, and in that comfy space there I have actually, like, started to read books again and stuff after years of and years of stunted fiction reading, post-grad-school.

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