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Ripping Off the Bandaid

centaur 1

After almost seventeen years at Google, I’ve made the difficult decision to get laid off with no warning. 🙂 Working with Google was an amazing experience, from search to robotics to 3D objects and back to robotics again. We did amazing things and I am proud of all my great colleagues and what we accomplished together.

However, my work in robotics is not done, and I will still be pushing for better robot navigation, large language model planning, and especially social robot navigation and embodied AI. I’m spinning up an independent consulting business and will announce more details on this as it evolves – feel free to reach out directly though!

-the Centaur

P.S. Sorry for the delay – this has been up on my Linkedin forever. But for some reason I just wasn’t ready to post this here. Avoidance behavior, however, has gone on long enough. Time to move on.

Pictured: me and Ryan at Sports Page, the traditional hangout you go to on your last day at Google. It was a blast seeing all the friends, thank you for coming!

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