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[twenty-two] minus seventeen …

centaur 0

Another neat little place in downtown Palo Alto. It’s amazing how special a place downtown Palo Alto is; for being a part of a vast megalopolis, it’s a charming downtown with a small-town feel and a surprisingly connected place. I ran into at least six people I knew in the short time I was down there tonight, and got an introduction to a robotics group at MIT just by sitting in a chair and talking to some friends.

This is kind of the experience I had when I first came out to the Bay as an intern, 25 years ago (more or less); I had just arrived, was hungry, but restaurants were busy, so I took a seat at a restaurant bar, the only space available … but no sooner had I sat down than I got offered a job.

Well, technically, I sat down and cracked open a very technical book, and the person sitting next to me didn’t offer me a job, but did give me their card and let me know their startup was hiring.

But you get the picture …

-the Centaur

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