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[forty-one] minus twenty: a better picture?

centaur 0

Somehow, inadvertently, I caused the previous picture’s post to get blurred in transport. Below is a better version, which seems to have come through much clearer:

This is from my blogpost “All the Transitions of Tic Tac Toe, Redux” . Apparently the full-size image is no longer available (probably because it’s close to 80 megabytes in size, and whatever file hosting I was using to put it up is broken) but a “smaller” version is below, only 12 megabytes in size (or here):

All the transitions from the first state of tic-tac-toe (at the bottom) to to win for X (left), win for O (right), or draw (top).

Funny … I long remembered this as being the topic of “Don’t Fall Into Rabbit Holes” but that turns out to have been a completely different project.

-the Centaur

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