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[fifty-seven] minus thirty-four: my review of honor among thieves

centaur 0
finally, some good fucking gelatinous cubes.

That is all.

-the Centaur

Pictured: Gordon Ramsay’s “Finally, some good fucking food,” adapted for the Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie, which was, at last, a good fucking D&D movie, and which had, at last, a good fucking gelatinous cube. It also apparently had cameos of the kids from the 80’s cartoons, though for my money my favorite D&D adaptation is the late-80’s-early-90’s comic Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, because it has a centaur and it’s set in Forgotten Realms. Anyway, this most recent movie was awesome, go see it, so it will make a lot of money, and we get sequels with more of Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, RegĂ©-Jean Page, Justice Smith and especially Sophia Lillis doing their adventuring thing.

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