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[sixty-one] minus thirty-four: that trump business

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You know, I don’t comment on politics on this blog nearly enough, and I plan on changing that. But I just found out that the statute of limitations may have passed on the crimes Trump is accused of in New York.

Regardless of the merits of the case, we shouldn’t be doing things like that. All too often we let things go that we should drop, or press things that we shouldn’t, because of political appearances.

Hm. What does OpenAI”s ChatGPT language model have to say about this?

Has the statute of limitations passed on Donald Trump’s indictment?
As an AI language model, I cannot provide legal advice or make a definitive statement about a specific legal case. However, to provide some general information, the statute of limitations varies depending on the type of offense and the jurisdiction. In the United States, federal offenses typically have a five-year statute of limitations, but this can vary depending on the offense. State laws also have their own statutes of limitations for criminal offenses.

Regarding any potential indictment of Donald Trump, it would depend on the specific charges and the applicable statute of limitations. It is also important to note that the decision to indict someone is made by prosecutors based on the evidence and legal standards, and is not determined by whether the statute of limitations has expired or not.

the Centaur in dialog with ChatGPT.; emphasis mine.

Gee, thanks, AI overlord! Seems like the prosecutor’s job here may have been to bring the indictment if they believed a crime was committed, even if the statute of limitations had passed. Let’s get more specific:

What is the statute of limitations in New York?
In New York State, the statute of limitations for criminal offenses varies depending on the severity of the crime. Here are some examples:

– For most felony offenses, the statute of limitations is five years. However, for certain serious offenses such as homicide or terrorism, there is no statute of limitations.
For misdemeanor offenses, the statute of limitations is typically two years.
– For certain sexual offenses committed against minors, the statute of limitations has been extended in recent years. For example, the statute of limitations for second-degree rape of a minor is now 20 years from the victim’s 18th birthday, or within 10 years of the offense, whichever is later.

It’s worth noting that the statute of limitations can be tolled, or paused, under certain circumstances, such as when the defendant is out of state or in hiding. In some cases, the statute of limitations may also be extended if new evidence is discovered.

the Centaur in dialog with ChatGPT; emphasis mine.

According to Wikipedia, what Trump is accused of – falsifying business records – is normally a misdemeanor, but can become a felony if used to further another crime. From what I’ve read, the prosecution has withheld a lot of facts from the indictment to improve the surprise of their case at trial, so they may have more evidence forthcoming; but “The indictment raises novel and complex legal issues.” Sheesh.

This isn’t the way to do this.

I understand the desire to speak truth to power, and the importance of holding the powerful to account; but the way to uphold the rule of law is NOT to ignore the rule of law so we can bring a case. There’s a word for that: a kangaroo court, “a court that ignores recognized standards of law or justice,” leading to show trials.

Donald Trump certainly isn’t my favorite politician, and perhaps he needs to be brought to justice; but we should also presume innocence until proven guilty. Here’s hoping that either the District Attorney coughs up some very good evidence that justifies his actions, or that the case gets swiftly thrown out if his actions weren’t justified. I just can’t see any good coming from anything between those two extremes.

-the Centaur

Pictured: Sunset in San Francisco.

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