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[sixty-four] minus forty-two: yeah, we’re that house

centaur 0

Yeah, *that* house. The one that doesn’t take down its “Christmas” lights. Ever.

Really, they’re lights for the paths around our house, lights which would be WAY more expensive if we put them in as permanent fixtures. After all the (unexpected) expenses it took to renovate the place and all the manual work left to do, I think we’re going to just have to wait a while before we get around to that bit.

And, unfortunately, the lights we had up got discontinued, so when we had to replace some strings after wear and damage (and re-replace them after we had to take out a tree on the neighbor’s property line and a branch cut the strand) we’re currently mis-matched. 🙁

But it sure does make the front paths and porch nice and cozy at night.

-the Centaur

Pictured: Our old house in California, which we’re still slowly fixing up after the move East. It turns out we’re not the only one in the neighborhood who’s done this, but their setup looks way more organized than ours:

We’ll get there. One day.

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