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[eighty-two] minus ninety-two: an air-conditioner shattering KABOOM

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No good picture for this one yet, but today I found out that the lightning strike that took out our internet may also have taken out the air conditioning for the upstairs (where, ya know, our bed and sleeping is). I seem to recall it having trouble before the lightning strike, but that may have been a completely different problem with the filters, which also need replacing.

Apparently this repair is going to be pricey, and it may be cheaper to replace the entire unit. This will take another week or so. In the meantime, we’ve run the fan so much the wallpaper has started to peel in the bedroom due to the humidity, and it’s still to hot to sleep most nights. As Dr. McCoy would say, “Oh, joy.”

My wife has wondered whether we should get lightning rods installed on the house. After several years here, this is our first strike, and I wonder whether it will happen again. There’s the old saw that you prepare for the last disaster, and that seems to be true: we first had sewage problems, then a burst supply line on a toilet, then a separate problem with the AC, then tree removals due to ivy, then a freeze, now this. Not much of a pattern there except for the trees and ivy, which we’re working on as a long-term project.

Hopefully next up we will not have tornadoes or flooding, because we really can’t do that much about tornadoes, and since our house is high on a ridge, if we get flooded out, you can kiss Greenville goodbye.

More news as it develops.

-the Centaur

Pictured: the back porch at night, since I do not seem to have any good pictures of the recent torrential rains and the associated lightning strike, even though I distinctly recalled having taken some. :-/

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