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[eighty-three] minus one-oh-five: upending things a bit

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Normally I post at the end of the day, which means if I run out of time in the day, I don’t post. Well, I want to change that, and unlike most of my other tasks, most of my blog posts don’t expand into projects of unusual size. So I’m trying out starting by day with a tweet, a blog post, and a some work on my very longest-horizon projects, like my novel series or my nonfiction books, which cannot be completed in one sitting or even in a simple concentrated push over a few months, and must, therefore, be taken one step at a time.

And, so, hey! Here’s a post. Enjoy.

-the Centaur

Pictured: I don’t really do mornings, so this is the first “early” picture I could find, breakfast at Stax Omega.

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