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[eighty-eight] minus one-three-five: wiped after a four hour bike ride

centaur 0

The Swamp Rabbit Trail rules! But it is very long, and I’m tired after two hours there, two hours back (even with a break in the middle for a bookstore / writing run, and a break for dinner on the return journey.).

So, no real blog post for you … but I learned something very interesting on the way about how to push through things, such as, for example, a steep unexpected hill when you are a very out-of-shape cyclist.

Actually, the steep expected hills are even worse, but the same trick works on them too – very simply, counting to a hundred, and doing that again. More on that tomorrow.

-the Centaur

Pictured: the car, and the bike, after the ride; the break to write in the middle; and the dinner near the end.

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