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[twenty twenty four day four]: there’s some problems on that boat

centaur 0

Okay, I’m going to start out with the best of the images that I produced trying to create Porsche the Centaur using ChatGPT’s DALL-E interface. The above is … almost Porsche, though her ears are too high (centaurs in the Alliance universe have ears a little more like an elf, but mobile like a dog’s). And, after some coaxing, the ChatGPT / DALL-E hybrid managed to produce a halfway decent character sheet:

But both of these images came after several tries. And when I tried to get ChatGPT / DALL-E to generate a front and back view of the same character sheet, it just disintegrated into random horse and human parts:

Similarly, the initial centaur image came only after many prompt tweaks and false starts, like this one:

There are legitimate questions about whether the current round of AI art generators were trained on data taken without permission (they almost certainly were), whether they could displace human artists (they almost certainly will), and whether they will have destructive effects on human creativity (the jury is out on this one, as some forms of art will wane while new forms of art will wax).

But never let anyone tell you they’ve worked out all the bugs yet. These systems are great renderers at the image patch level, but their notion of coherence leaves a lot to be desired, and their lack of structural knowledge means their ability to creatively combine is radically limited to surface stylistics.

One day we’ll get there. But it will take a lot of work.

-the Centaur

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