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[twenty twenty-four day forty-one]: squirrel

centaur 0
der interwebs is kaput

Mt internet has been flakey, so I chatted with an AT-AT Druid online about it and they unexpectedly had a free repair tech slot the next morning. Send them? Yeah baby yeah!

After some kerfuffle with the confirmation, we got it scheduled and they showed up at 830 this morning only to find …

The internet box half ripped off the house and the beginnings of what looked like a squirrel’s nest in it.

Remember, folks, step one of network debugging is to check layer one of the stack: your physical equipment. “Your wires are loose” is the network equivalent of “Ain’t got no gas in it” from Sling Blade.

So, hopefully, regular blogging will resume soon. Till then, enjoy this lovely blog post thumb-crafted on my phone.

-the Centaur

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