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[twenty twenty-four day forty-four]: i can’t drive fifty-five

centaur 0

I and a politically opposite friend got together today to NOT solve the world’s problems, and after a long and charged discussion we came to the conclusion …

… that the 55+ menu at IHOP is good.

I think we can come together as a nation on this one.

Seriously, just turned 55 recently, and my buddy offered to take me out to breakfast at IHOP and order off the “senior” menu because, well … sigh. It’s time, literally, it’s time. And it was pretty good!

So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

“What’s that, sonny? First time trying it? I can’t hear you over my advancing decrepitude … “

-the Centaur @ 55(ish, give or take a few days)

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