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[twenty twenty-four day forty-five]: level but not even

centaur 1

So back in the day (and on the Left Coast) I had a couple of swords mounted on my bookcases. We hadn’t done that here because we were busy … but two years is too long to be busy, so my wife and I decided it was time to set up the swords again, starting with the Kylo “Kylo Ren is Best Sith” Ren cross-lightsaber.

Only … it ain’t that simple. We had to buy new brackets as the previous ones disappeared in the move. We found those at Lowe’s, but it turned out that we could not install the mounting diamonds as the old bookcases were solid wood and these were hollow – the screws would have pulled straight out.

Eventually we used bolts and washers and I was able to finish the installation after my wife left town.

A little duct tape and an old Amazon delivery bag protect the books in the case. There’s only one problem:

Despite our careful measuring, it was not possible to make it both level (up-and-down) and even (side-to-side) at the same time. It may be that the bookcase itself is leaning (see the top of the previous picture) and since it is screwed into the bookcase next to it for stability, well, we’re stuck with that.

Still, I like how it came out.

1 of 2. Next: Excalibur.

-the Centaur

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