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[jesus and godel, interrupted]: observing good friday

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I didn’t manage to keep up with Jesus and Godel this year – best not to take on a third project when you already have two daily projects running – but it did serve as a lot of food for thought, and helped keep me on track in Lent. Learning to give things up can become a powerful tool that we can use elsewhere in our lives. Case in point: today was Good Friday, when Catholics are traditionally supposed to fast.

For health reasons, fasting guidance has changed to one square meal with lighter meals for the rest of the day (you may fast fully if able). I normally eat only two main meals anyway, so I decided to go with a light brunch, one square, and skip the midnight snack – in this case, brunch of fresh strawberries and toast.

But a funny thing happened: by preparing simpler meals, I got more done in the day. After fasting on the first one, it was easier to skip the full dinner and just repeat fresh fruit and toast. Which also saved me more time – and helped me go through the fruit in the fridge before it went bad (don’t want to go through that again).

Many traditional Christians seem to view religious observances as a stream of gotchas and a chance to be accusatory. But the Sabbath was made for Man, not Man for the Sabbath, and the Law is the same. Even when we go beyond the Law to adopt other religious practices, they, when done properly, can be good for us, giving us the resources to treat others and ourselves better.

At least, that’s what I take away from how I observe Good Friday.

And if my hungry belly stings a little, I always remember … this probably feels better than nails.

-the Centaur

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