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[twenty twenty-four day ninety]: how tribbles are made

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So! You take one of those double-row brushes (see detail below) …

… and apply it to one of these fuzzy creatures in shedding season (see detail below) …

… and, violin, you get a tribble:

As far as I can tell, these artisan, hand-crafted tribbles are, unlike Dr. McCoy’s version, not born pregnant.

If only most problems we face in this world could be solved as easily as “stop feeding the invasive species without natural predators.” And, in fact, like not feeding the trolls, many of them can.

However, cat fuzz is not one of those problems. For decades, I put up with my pets getting horrible tangles and mats during shedding season, great lumpy wads which had to be cut or picked off – almost like tribbles.

But, when my wife and I got those double-pronged brushes and began brushing the cat every day, the mats went away. Though we do have now a tribble proliferation problem, we don’t have unhappy cats.

Solving some problems requires disengaging the behavior that creates it (like passing on chips, margaritas and dessert for your problem waistline); others require active maintenance to prevent them from happening (like brushing for the problem of keeping your teeth).

What problem are you facing that would go away if you stop feeding it – or start brushing it?

-the Centaur

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