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[drawing every day 2024 post ninety-one]: cinnamon, sketched

centaur 0

Super quick sketch of Cinnamon, as I was in food coma after Easter dinner, then had to write a long review for a journal – which I was already a day late on.

And, counting “a day late” as “missed a thing”, I once again “missed a thing” because I was in a meeting which we decided to let run long. Which made the next meeting run long, and we extended it even longer. And because there wasn’t a specific thing on my calendar for Saturday evening – it was just on my list of things to do in my todos – I said, “eh, let’s let this go long and get this done.”

And then something else didn’t get done.

I’ve learned to watch out for this zealously, because for me, at least, going long on a meeting is a dangerous prescription for screwing up your next task. If you think you can go a bit longer … what are you missing?

-the Centaur

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