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[drawing every day 2024 post one oh four]: all my berks cards

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Alright, one more not-drawing drawing while I am scrambling to get ready for Clockwork Alchemy. If you’re not using the Internet in its most basic form, it resembles a countryside where roads to infrequently-visited towns frequently get torn up and you have to either reroute – or build your own.

Case in point, link shorteners. Google used to have one called “” – used to have, before Larry Page took over at Google and led it through the Google Plus debacle, where Google really started to get the reputation for killing products that ultimately led to it being called the Google Graveyard.

But, before they killed it, I used it on the book cards that I hand out at conventions! I had been using that shortlink to point to my Amazon “Anthony Francis” author page, but I don’t trust link shorteners anymore. So I created a new link,, which has all my books on it (now in the top menu):

But, that means my book cards needed to be updated. I of course updated the link, but also took the time when I was in there to enhance the contrast on the top title so it was more legible. Hopefully these cards will arrive in time for the Clockwork Alchemy convention next week, where I will be Author Guest of Honor.

Drawing (or graphic design) every day.

-the Centaur

Pictured: the back of the “book cards”, and the “book page” which also shows the book card fronts.

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