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[twenty twenty-four day one oh eight]: entitle me, bro

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Not much time to post today – flying out to Clockwork Alchemy, where I am the Author Guest of Honor. But, it’s still Camp Nanowrimo, and I had wordcount to get in on Jeremiah Willstone #2, THE CITADEL OF GLASS. And, yes, I do count it as word count if I’m futzing around in the appendix reviewing the characters and revisiting ideas for the title, but the bulk of today’s word count was in the climax, which I had sketched out earlier (almost a decade ago!) and am now adjusting to fit the new ideas in the fleshed out plot … so I can in turn reverse-engineer how that plot shall proceed to reach that climax. Very ouroboros.

-the Centaur

Pictured: A title brainstorming session for CITADEL OF GLASS.

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