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[twenty twenty-four day one two six]: working on the neurodiversiverse kickstarter

centaur 0

Hacking away at publicity for the Kickstarter for the Neurodiversiverse, which is at +80%! But that means we have almost a thousand dollars to go, and we’re really far from our stretch goals. So I’m working to publicize it further with guest blog posts and such, as well as pushing further on social media.

You can support it as simply as pledging for a book or an ebook (or a sticker or pin or even $1 for no reward). But you can also get reward bundles that have lots and lots of Thinking Ink Press books in them:

Or an awesome tote bag and pins and stickers and such!

And if you REALLY want to help us out … you can get your name in the book. Just sayin’.


-the Centaur

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