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[twenty twenty-four day one two seven]: so what if we did a hardcover?

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So Liza and I have been working on the upper reward tiers for The Neurodiversiverse Kickstarter (we’re so close! almost 85% of the way there!) and we think we have a solution for producing the limited hardcover edition. Unfortunately, the bindery that produced Thinking Ink’s limited edition of The Hereafter Bytes has gone out of business, but we found a few similar options (and may even be able to reduce the price). Above is a mockup of what it might look like, and below was the actual original for The Hereafter Bytes:

Hopefully some people will buy this reward tier – it is pricey on purpose, in the hopes that backers will back this because they want to support the project (and just in case something goes wrong with the printing costs). Just a few of these will take us over the top, so please pledge ten of them! 😀

-the Centaur

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