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[twenty twenty-four day one three two]: what?!

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There’s an ongoing debate over whether human emotions are universal: I, like many researchers, think that there was solid work done by Ekman back in the day that demonstrated this pretty conclusively with tribes with little Western contact, but some people seem determined to try to pretend that evidence can be made not to exist once it’s been collected, if you just argue loudly enough about how you think it’s wrong.

(The evidence is wrong?)

Yet my cat can look surprised, or scared, or angry, or alarmed, or content, or curious. It’s fairly well established that some emotions, like the self-conscious ones of shame or pride, have highly variable, culturally-determined expressions (if they have consistent expressions at all). But when animals very different from us can still communicate emotions, it’s hard to believe none of it is universal.

(The evidence is wrong? What’s wrong with you people?)

-the Centaur

P.S. If you subscribe to the anthropic fallacy fallacy, please do not bother to tell me that I’m falling into the anthropic fallacy, because you’re the one trapped in a fallacy – sometimes surprise is just surprise, just like a heart is still a heart when that heart is found an animal, and not a “deceptively heart-like blood pump.”

Pictured: Loki, saying, “What, you expect me to do something? I’m a cat. I was busy, sleeping!”

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