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[twenty twenty-four day one three three]: don’t do this

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Okay, I understand that many restaurants serve tomahawk chops like this because they’re not really a meal for one, but actually a for-the-table sharing dish. But, for the love of Julia Child, please, don’t do this.

You have here a steak cooled ON its long, frenched bone for its beautiful Fred Flintstone-cut appearance. But your kitchen has proceeded to cut if OFF the bone before the diner ever sees it.

And you have a THICK-CUT steak designed to retain both its juice and heat. Then your kitchen has proceeded to THIN-SLICE it before the diner can even take a bite.

In sum, don’t slice your tomahawks.

-the Centaur

Pictured: a doubly ruined steak: first, because they cut it up, and second, because I ill-advisedly tried it blackened. Unfortunately, the already charred nature of a tomahawk doesn’t go with blackening, so I cannot recommend this to you. Yes, I threw my body on that grenade for you. You’re welcome.

P.S. This was supposed to be my celebration steak for funding our Kickstarter, which funded yesterday, but still has a day to go. I suppose I jumped the gun here and paid the price.

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