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[twenty twenty-four day one three eight]: one day to go for realz yo

centaur 0

Contrary to yesterday’s post, which was done after midnight so it fooled me about what day it was, TODAY is one day left to Silicon Valley Open Studios, where my wife Sandi Billingsley will be showing off both her paintings and mixed media including furniture, like the geode table above.

Below is one of my wife’s pieces, Marylin Thumbtoe, from a series combining animals and celebrities into surreal combinations, like … Marilyn Thumbtoe.

Perhaps the work should speak for itself.

-the Centaur

Pictured: Yes, I know, after midnight is the next day according to the calendar, but I count days as over when I go to bed, unless for some reason I pull an all nighter, so a 1am post is technically the previous day. I don’t always hold to that, but for the purposes of the blog series, that makes the most sense.

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